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About the company

Mercari – professionalism and experience

MERCARI is a family business with many years of experience in designing and creating stables, boxes, front walls, fences and other products.

The design stage of stables-boxes: our designers are willing to meet all your demands. We can give the necessary advice and, together with the client, create a design which will be presented in the form of a graphic visualisation showing the final effect.

While designing, we pay particular attention to creating a solid structure, which is both functional and aesthetic. We create safe and comfortable stables in accordance with the European norms and standards, but for MERCARI the most important matter is the highest quality of the offered products. Having the Wood Processing Plant and the Metallurgy and Welding department, we are able to combine wood and – we have the best offer available on the market and we are very proud of this fact.

Production department Metallurgy and Welding


Designing with the use of CAD tools – technical drawing. 3D visualisation designs, 3D photorealistic visualisations and a lot of experience in making three-dimensional, computer-generated designs.


Laser cutting: steel, stainless steel. Professional laser cutting is a method which makes use of the state of art technological solutions and hence,allows to achieve the desired results. We offer both the MIG/MAG welding and the traditional TIG option. Our team consists of experienced, certified welders who always try to carry out their work with the utmost care.

Finishes for metal elements

All the products we offer are resistant to corrosion thanks to the applied hot-dip zinc coating and powder coating.

Production department, Wood Processing Plant


Designing with the use of CAD tools – technical drawing. 3D visualisation designs, 3D photorealistic visualisations and a lot of experience in making three-dimensional, computer-generated designs.

Wood processing

Sawmill wood processed with the use of professional woodworking machinery.

Finishes for wooden elements:

Pressure impregnated wood – pressure wood impregnation is the best way to protect wood. Our wooden products are made of coniferous wood and undergovacuum-pressure impregnation with the use of high pressure of about 8-12 atmospheres during which the wood becomes soaked in the impregnating liquid.

Thanks to the vacuum-pressure impregnation the wooden elements become durable and can be used for many years. The preservatives deeply penetrate into the wood. The pressure wood impregnation protects it against the harmful effects of weather conditions and biological factors including insects (bark beetles), fungus or mould. We offer two colour options of the impregnated products: green (standard offer) and brown (custom-made).

On our website we present our standard stables-boxes, available in a wide range of models and sizes (see our catalogue) but most of our projects are custom-made projects meeting the needs of an individual Client.

MERCARI stables are perfect houses for horses, 40 mm board, a tongue and groove joint.

· Stables with metal frame construction - hot-dip zinc coating, wooden filling (pine, larch, material, exotic wood, bamboo boards), custom-made to meet the needs of individual clients, depending on the spatial development and the number of boxes. Roofing – eurofala, layered plate, RAL colours available, installation of skylights, windows to let in the sunlight, a construction (metal frame) allowing to extend the stable at later stages.

· Box doors allow you to open and close them easily and at the same time, they are constructed of strong steel of 4 mm - hot-dip zinc coating.

· Front walls, partition walls and interior boxes are both functional and ergonomic; interior boxes with well-thought-out solutions which allow to make use of the space.

· Wooden fences (pine and exotic wood, paddocks made of a raw material appropriate in terms of humidity and wood segregation, to obtain the highest quality of products.

MERCARI is a manufacturer who wants to follow clients’ demands and meet their expectations. We operate throughout Europe and, at a client’s request, we perform installation works. We offer the installation of wooden boxes, equipped stables with metal frame constructions and fences, as well as renovation services of the already existing stables. We invite you to find out more about our offer. If you wish so, ask for our offer. You will be fully satisfied with the offer and with the choice of our products because of their top quality.

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